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Welcome to the Borough of Shinglehouse Waste Water Department page. On this page you can find updated information concerning wastewater issues. The Borough of Shinglehouse will occasionally conduct testing or cleaning within our main lines. In some cases this may affect you as a homeowner. Please check this page for any scheduled maintenance which may affect you.

The Borough of Shinglehouse is not responsible for the unplugging or repair of sewer laterals from the edge of the road right of way to your home. It is the home owner’s responsibility to resolve any issue that may occur within this boundary. If it is found that you, the home owner, have made a solid attempt to unplug the sewer lateral, the Borough of Shinglehouse will examine the portion of line in the road right of way.

If you have a sewage backup, please notify the Borough upon noticing the problem. We will check the main lines in the street to insure that it is not a problem in the main line. This could save you, the homeowner, unnecessary work if it is found to be in the main line.
If for any reason you have to replace your sewer lateral, be sure to contact the Shinglehouse Borough for any new regulation updates regarding the installation. In the near future you will be required to have a sewer lateral inspection completed.

Please insure that no sump pumps, rain gutter drains, or yard drains are hooked into our wastewater system. PA DEP has made this illegal, as it causes an overly large amount of water to enter our system during wet weather events, which in turn overloads the waste water treatment plant.


How can I prevent back ups in my sewer lateral?



The Shinglehouse Borough Waste Water  Department is Warning All Customers that the use of Flushable Wipes” may cause sewer backups.  We strongly advise against using these products.  While manufactures advertise these as biodegradable, it takes significant time to breakdown the fiber bonds.  Before the fiber bonds breakdown this “cloth like” material can create blockage in sewer pipes that will lead to sewer back-ups. These products also cause problems in our waste water facility, clogging our pumps and sometimes damaging them. Use of “flushable wipes” could result in an increase in sewage rates to cover the damages caused to our facilities by  these items.

If the backup is a result of a plug in the customers’ lateral, a plumber or someone who specializes in cleaning sewer laterals will have to be called to open the pipe.

The Waste Water Department accepts No Responsibility for sewer backups in lateral service lines.

Use of “Flushable Wipes” is NOT ADVISED!

Regular maintenance is strongly recommended in order to maintain a properly functioning sewer. Here are a few tips for sewer lateral maintenance:


Don’t pour grease, fats, and oils from cooking down the drainDo not use the sewer to dispose of food scraps (garbage disposal), if used for smaller food particles, flush with plenty of water.

Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket for garbage or chemicals. Chemicals can kill “good” bacteria used in our wastewater treatment plant, and garbage plugs our pumps, this costs the Shinglehouse Borough much more to treat, which in turn could increase your monthly fees.

Do not plant trees with shallow, spreading root systems near your sewer lateral. Tree roots seek water sources, such as cracked sewer lines. Once the roots have penetrated the line through the cracks, the roots can create a dense mat and trap materials in the line.

Do not connect backyard drains, rain gutter drains, sump pumps and other drainage systems to the sanitary sewer line. It’s illegal and can cause the capacity of the mainline to be exceeded during heavy rains, and overload the wastewater treatment plant.

Do not dispose of left over or old pharmaceuticals in the toilet or the drain. These products cannot be removed by the treatment process, and will end up in the river. Many cities derive their drinking water from rivers, and intern their customers will ingest your wasted pharmaceuticals.


Collect grease in a container and dispose of in the garbagePlace food scraps in the garbage for disposal with solid waste.

Place a wastebasket in the bathroom to dispose of solid waste (disposable diapers , baby wipes, “flushable wipes”, paper towels, and personal hygiene products do not belong or breakdown in the sewer system)

Consult a plumber to investigate the condition of your sewer lateral if you have noticed sewage odors within the house, even if you have not experienced a backup or overflow.

Consult a plumber to remove any illegal non-sewage plumbing connections to the sewer lateral.

Monthly add good bacteria (yeast, bacterial drain maintenance products) use these in your small drains (tub, kitchen, bathroom sink) these products help to break down any solids which may adhere to the sidewalls of your drains.

Plumb sump pump drains through an outside wall of your home to discharge on the ground at least 10’ away from the wall.

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