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If you live in or near the Borough of Shinglehouse you can take advantage of enjoying the Assembly Park. The park has five large pavilions which can be reserved throughout the year for family gatherings or special events. In order to reserve our pavilions you must reside in the Oswayo Valley School District. Reservations for the upcoming New Year cannot be made until the first business day of that New Year. A park use agreement must be signed, at the borough office, in order to finalize and firm your reservation. The park has running water available from Memorial Day until Labor Day. The three upper pavilions also have electric available.

There are two nature trail systems, The Skunk Cabbage Trail and the Assembly Park Nature Trail, which you can walk on and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Sections of the Assembly Park Nature trail are close to the Oswayo River, increasing your chances of seeing some of the wildlife which inhabits our region.

The Skunk Cabbage trail is an interpretive trail. At the trail head, you can pick up a pamphlet and learn about some of the highlights of our trail as you go on your walk. This trail is blazed with orange markings. This trail is .3 miles long.

The Assembly Park Nature Trail is blazed in white and there are three different distances you can walk. You can choose from .7 miles, 1 mile or 1.3 miles.

As you walk you can still see remnants of the old mill race, and the Perkins dam which have been in place since the early 1900’s.

Please refrain from riding bicycles and ATV’s on our trail system in order to preserve it.

The Borough of Shinglehouse also has two Little League Baseball fields which have been named after a past Shinglehouse resident, Fielder Jones. The fields are maintained by the Borough Staff.
The Oswayo Valley Memorial Library which is located on Academy Street serves the public in the Oswayo Valley School District. The library houses the Shinglehouse Police Office, the Oswayo Valley Historical Society, and the meeting room for Borough Council, who meet there the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. The residents of the borough can attend these meetings, as well to voice their concerns on borough issues.

The library is maintained by the Borough of Shinglehouse staff.
You can visit the Oswayo Valley Memorial Library website for more information at:

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