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Welcome to the Shinglehouse Borough Website. We hope that you will find this site useful to you for obtaining information about us and the services we provide to our residents. Shinglehouse has a rich history, and is the gateway to the northwestern corner of Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Shingle House

Shingle House, first known as Five Mile Corners, got its name from a little log cabin north of town built in 1806 by a Frenchmen named M.Generet (pronounced Jan- dray) which was covered entirely with hand made wooden shingles. This log cabin was located about a mile north from the present borough across the McKean County line. Shingle House became a borough in 1902, and became one word in 1906, and Shinglehouse was established as the only community to bear that name.


Shinglehouse is a small town with approximately 1,250 residents. We are nestled in a valley where the Oswayo River and the Honeoye Creek meet. We are also home to the Oswayo Valley Elementary and Middle High Schools.

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